Daegu In Coronavirus Outbreak


Deagu a metropolitan area in North Gyeongsang province has reported nearly 50 new cases of the novel Coronavirus in the past two days, bring the country’s total to 81. The community outbreak is the first of its kind outside of mainland China.

It is suspected that the outbreak emerged from a congregation of the “Shincheonji Church of Jesus”, where an unnamed 61 one year old refused to be tested, despite suffering symptoms for well over a week. He then continued to attend services, thus exposing himself to potentially thousands of other worshipers.

Whilst the government have not enforced any quarantine measures, a number of people have decided to self quarantine, something that has not exactly eased concerns of their fellow Koreans.

The government have though closed a number os schools, kindergartens, and other public institutions, as well as major events that would likely draw large crowds.

The government of South Korea have so far ruled out a “Wuhan Style” blockade of the city, despite the fact that “Deagu Blockade” has been trending on Twitter.

How the government reacts is yet to be seen, but many are voicing concerns at the inaction of the government on what is the first community outbreak of the coronavirus outside of mainland China.