No, China Is Not “Back to Normal”


Things in China are undoubtedly getting better, but no, China is not back to normal.

There is undoubtedly propaganda, and fake news flying around the world in unprecedented levels right now, much of it from the west, so lets look at what the actual situation in China is right now.

The west, and China themselves are reporting that things are largely back to normal, now lets start to define normal. China’s government, culture, and indeed understanding of pandemics are startle different to the view of the west. The west typified by the UK, and USA are bringing in measures (poorly) that China not only brought in months ago, but were largely lambasted for doing so, and these are undoubtedly being relaxed, but it is very far from business as usual. Social distancing is still very much a thing, and schools are very slowly reopening.

Hubei is being touted as being open, but again in reality it has not been, it is just no longer under the most severe quarantine in the history of the modern world.

China have also pretty much banned all flights into the country and essentially voided all visas for anyone not currently in the country.

And then there’s whole narrative on COVID-19 in China. When Mr Falwell and Donald Trump were blaming China, and even North Korea for coronavirus the Chinese, quite understandably hit back, and a rumor prevailed that the virus was started deliberately, or not in the USA.

Sadly not only has this conspiracy theory become almost mainstream now, but in a strange twist of events coronavirus is now seen as “foreign disease”, with all foreigners now effectively under surveillance, with all of their movements monitored.

Sadly the attitude to foreigners does not stop there, and I have personally heard numerous stories of foreign friends not being allowed on public transport, or restaurants quite simply for being foreign…..

No racism is ever acceptable, but you’d have to go a long way back in most countries to see behavior like that.

China is undoubtedly doing much better than before, and indeed the world may end thanking China for their fast response one day, but in the short-term China is in no ways “back to normal”, yet anyway.