The Worm Has Turned On Coronavirus In China


The narrative in China is now very much that the COVID-19 was imported from the USA.

How quickly things move, it only seems like yesterday that China were trying to quell not only coronavirus, but a pushback from netizens about their handling of the virus. During this time the world watched on, largely unconcerned, with various rumors about people eating bats, or worse that the coronavirus came from a lab in Wuhan.

Of course people started to care when the virus began hitting their countries, people suddenly started to care, with Trump calling it the China virus, and other noted idiots saying it was started by North Korea, and China as a way to punish Trump.

China was never going to take this lying down, and when you control the media, you control the message, and the new message is that the west is crumbling, and that the virus originated in the USA. I’ll repeat this is not some crank theory, this is mainstream propaganda, and some of the stories I am hearing about anti-Western rhetoric might be anecdotal, but they are similar in substance to past anti-foreigner drives that have happened in the country.

Two of my colleagues, the only two foreigners on a plane were pulled (the only ones pulled) as potentially having the coronavirus. Both are your healthy, and strong. Another colleague was reported to the police for “being foreign” essentially, with the police showing up and demanding to see his train ticket into the region (more than two months before). Essentially the Chinese now feel that they have coronavirus under control, and foreigners are the new enemy. People have literally forgotten it originated in China, it is now a problem with foreigners.

Amusingly the same foreign colleague visited by the police was also told by a Chinese family member, who genuinely believed it that the UN were going to bomb Wuhan. Clearly oblivious to the fact that since 1971 China has a seat on the Security Council……

Sadly racism breads racism, and fear mongering from the west has resulted in a backlash from China, and other Asian countries. And the results are likely to be a lot worse.

Despite what your woke friends might tell you racism is definitely not a white invention, and western countries, even the USA are more multicultural and less racist than the countries of East-Asia, that is not opinion, it is fact.

Unless people all over the world stop panicking, and acting xenophobic the world is going to hell in a hand basket.