Tokyo Olympics “Suspended”


In the least surprising move in the world the Tokyo Olympics have been “suspended” for a year, not canceled, but suspended.

The IOC (International Olympic Committee), seemingly the last people on the planet to realize that, you know what? Coronavirus is a pretty big deal have finally decided to “delay” the Tokyo Olympics after a number of nations, as we predicted threatened to boycott the event. The stark choice between a rump olympics, and no olympics duly forcing their hand. This followed UEFA also suspending the 2020 European Championships, again very late and begrudgingly….

Delaying, or suspending the Olympics has meant that organizers in Tokyo can thus claim that the Olympics has not been cancelled, but merely moved, something hugely symbolic, and dare we say slightly embarrassing for the organizers in Japan.

Of course there have only ever been two cancelled Olympics, 1940, and 1944, with Japan being very much involved in these cancellations through their imperialistic wars of the time.

And it is worth taking a big breath and taking all of this in for a moment, the Olympics took place during the height of the cold war, it continued after the tragedy of Munich 72, Atlanta 96, and the boycotts of 80, and 84. This is the new reality, an olympics cancelled for the first time in 74 years.

For all intends and purposes this is very much our World War, and ironically one in which involves many more countries than the last global conflict.

And, sadly much like the Second World War everyone could see that it was coming, but instead of preparing for it complained about China being heavy handed, and continued to gossip about the pointless topic of “if” North Korea has any coronavirus cases.

No one can judge a match half way through the game, but it will be interesting to see how history judges all the players in this game.