Trump And Johnson Approval Ratings Soar During Coronavirus

trump and johnson

The approval ratings for Donald Trump and Boris Johnson are currently soaring during the coronavirus pandemic, with the main question being why?

In case you have never seen the movie “Wag the Dog” the base premise is that a fake war is staged to win an election. The premise is a little far fetched in some respects, but it certainly has some basis in fact. The “blitz mentality” helped a very unpopular Margaret Thatcher keep power after the Falklands War, and of course for many of us the Iraq War, and George W are not too distant a memory for us.

Fear? Stockholm syndrome? Call it what you may, but seemingly during times of crisis people rally around their leaders no matter how inept they are being, and boy are these two leaders inept.

Let’s take the UK, and Boris Johnson as our first example. Boris Johnson very much sees himself as some kind of Churchillian heir as UK Prime-Minister (despite being more like a poor Trump tribute act), and has continually made big boisterous speeches about coronavirus, whilst, well completely cocking it up. Firstly the UK was going for “herd immunity” AKA culling the herd, before moving onto an ineffectual “social distancing” program, which people, including the police largely ignored.

In fact the UK response has been so poor that not only has our Prime-Minster caught the virus, but even our dopey heir to the throne, Prince Charles. Yet the great unwashed, the same fools that voted fro Brexit, and Mrs Browns Boys as the best ever sitcom have decreed he’s doing a great job. And we wonder why there is no yearning for western style democracy around the world.

And then we have Donald Trump, and where to begin? First he said it wasn’t a pandemic, before saying he knew all along that it was. Classic double-speak and good old fashioned fake news of course. He also asked quite openly if the flu vaccine could be used to fight COVID-19, a virus with no relation to the flu, you know because of science. We could continue indefinitely about the lies and stupidity of the Trump regime regarding its handling of the virus, but it be like running around a Trump prayer circle.

To summarize, most of the world that can read, including the many US state governors who have lambasted Trump concur that he is doing an awful job, and yet he is enjoying record approval ratings.

Remember these things when the west tries to spread “democracy” around the world….