When Will North Korea Reopen For Tourism?


When will North Korea reopen for tourism? In short we simply do not know, but with the current evidence presented to us, we can at least have an educated guess.

China extends effective lockdown until October

China has announced that it will be extending its current policy of limited flights and enforced quarantine until October at the very earliest. This means that even if there is magically a vaccine the reality is that external tourism will not return China and by default North Korea until October at the earliest. But even this date is being extremely optimistic.

When will China open the borders to North Korea?

Regardless of if China opens to the outside world another important factor is if China decided to open its borders to North Korea. As things stand North Korea have claimed zero coronavirus cases. Now whilst there is no reason to not believe North Korea the question is whether China decide they will allow open borders with the DPRK.

When will North Korea open its borders to the world?

North Korea have stated that they will not open their borders until a COVID-19 vaccine has been produced. There is no reason not to believe North Korea on this as well. Also we need to factor in that even if a vaccine is produced it does not mean that it will be readily available to the world right away, particularly if discovered by some big pharma company.

In this respect any hope of open borders anytime in 2020 are being extremely optimistic.

What will happen if there is a second wave?

When North Korea were the first to close borders there were criticized by many, but with their decision being somewhat vindicated now. It is not though too much of a wild assumption though to conclude that they will more than likely be one of the last to open to tourism.

In 2014-2015 the country were the only ones to close their border of Ebola and that lasted 5 months.

In short, probably don’t book any Pyongyang based travel for the time being….