Why Is The West Obsessed with Coronavirus in North Korea


As someone who has been in the North Korean industry for over 10 years I am no stranger to a lazy press doing hatch job in North Korea, and over the years there have been some corkers. Everyone having to get the same haircut? False. Kim Jong-Un feeding his uncle to a pack of dogs? Simply didn’t happen. North Korea saying they won the world cup, etc etc. The list can and indeed does go on.

Now whilst I can safely say I am quite used to this, every now and again article that is genuinely disgusting comes up, I bring you those classy guys at Buzzfeed , which you can read here.

If you decide not to read the article, and honestly that is what I would suggest, it is basically 400 words or so of saying maybe North Korea has coronavirus. As evidence it lists none, and as for sources merely lists one, Chad of NKNews, who says maybe North Korea has the virus. Theres then a lot of waffle about how China is their only trading partner, mocking the note send from Marshall Kim Jong Un to the South Korean president, and pretty much summarizing that you probably can’t trust communists anyway.

Well bravo guts! You’ve managed to viral without saying anything new, or informative by ripping on a country that whether you agree with its politics, or not is trying to deal with the most serious pandemic in modern times. It is almost like North Korea the last country left on earth where you can still just employ blanket racism at will.

But of course a shit article is only half the story these days, for it is all about the comments, some of which included people saying it would be best for everyone in the country to die, so that there could be a unified Korea.

It is very easy to despair with the world right now, and sadly reading Buzz Feed Mews on North Korea will not help with this……